What is Interior Styling

An interior stylist is a person who chooses a location or designs a set. They source fabrics, furniture and accessories then place the products in the interior. Their job is to make a space look good and, ultimately, stylish

Vanessa Colyer Tay, who works as a stylist for Inside Out magazine, put it brilliantly when Iinterviewed her for Interiors Addict. She said, “designers were scientists and stylists were magicians.”

While interior decorators study and work on many of the same things as interior designers, their job typically doesn’t involve moving walls, installing services or planning for things like safety and utility. This is really the main difference - interior stylists are exclusively concerned with decorating what’s already been built.

In my work I want to create images which evoke the emotional reaction that makes us want to run out and buy what we see on the pages.